Frequently Asked Questions

BioOne is a bio-degradable, environmentally friendly solution for clearing stubborn build-up of organic matter to help
prevent recurring blockages in residential and industrial pipes and drains. It is unlike other chemical- and biologicalbased
products due to its broad spectrum microbial activity and thrives in any drain environment when used as directed
on a routine basis.

BioOne is sold through wholesale plumbing distributors who sell direct to plumbers only. If you are interested in BioOne
for your residence or facility, ask your local plumbing service professional for more information or contact us at to be put in contact with a plumbing distributor near you.

Unlike many other commercial drain cleaning products, BioOne is not spore based and contains no added enzymes. It instead employs specialized microbes to create a 100% live, vegetative, bacteria-based product. Bacteria consume, degrade and digest the fats, oils and grease (FOGs) and other stubborn organic wastes that build up in the drain line, turning them into harmless by-products, CO2 (air) and H2O (water). BioOne is a drain maintainer product that works to eliminate FOG buildup instead of relocating it.
Spore- or enzyme-based drain cleaning products with surfactants BioOne (100% live, vegetative, bacteria-based drain cleaning product
FOG buildup Fats, oils and grease are temporarily liquified by surfactants before moving downstream, where they re-coagulate and solidify. BioOne is formulated without surfactants – so the bacteria consume, degrade and digest the FOGs – eliminating them instead of relocating them.
Environmental conditions Cannot perform at maximum capacity without ideal environmental conditions (alkali water temperature, pH levels, etc.). Acclimates to perform consistently and effectively in its environment.
Drainpipe coverage Gravity flow through the drain line system, so they can only clean what they touch. A biofilm forms and coats the drain line system’s interior surfaces.

It is important to remember: BioOne is a drain line maintainer, not a drain line opener. It will not open a drain line

Yes, BioOne is a safe, natural alternative to spore-based drain maintaining products. In fact, since 2003, we have
partnered with the EPA Safer Choice Program to verify BioOne is an environmentally preferred product that is safer for
human health and the environment; and we were named the EPA’s Safer Choice Partner of the Year three years in a
row (2015-2017). The purpose behind BioOne is to reduce harmful chemical usage and create a safer, more sustainable
product, which aligns well with the EPA Safer Choice Program’s mission. Through our participation in the EPA Safer
Choice Program, consumers can be assured: BioOne is a safer option for their families, workplaces and our planet.

BioOne is made from microbes produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions. The bacteria formulated in BioOne are produced naturally through a controlled fermentation process.

Every batch is:

  • Produced via processes similar to those used in commercial food production.
  • Tested in Quality Control, at which time our scientists inspect for appropriate activity, contaminants, and to confirm bacteria counts meet our high expectations.

We are on a mission to provide the safest drain cleaning product because we believe in safer residents, safer staff and
safer plumbers. According to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), BioOne is a non-regulated and non-classified
material. It also earns “0 ratings” from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and on the Hazardous Materials
Identification System (HMIS). That means BioOne has achieved the lowest possible hazard rating.

BioOne will not cause skin burns or eye damage, and is unlikely to cause cast iron corrosion, exothermic reactions, or
other dangerous scenarios.

Yes. BioOne can be purchased in either 64 oz. or 2.5 gal. bottles, or a 30-day Auto-Dispensing System can be sourced
for commercial applications. Larger packaging sizes are available upon request.

One 64 oz. bottle supplies 32 applications at 2 oz. each, which is enough to provide proactive protection for eight drains
or toilets over a four-month period.

Yes, BioOne will freeze. This product should not be frozen, as doing so will reduce bacteria viability and diminish overall
product effectiveness.

The live bacteria found in BioOne can survive at temperatures up to 105° F. However, when high water temperatures and
chemicals flow through the drain line system, many of the microbes will survive. That’s because BioOne forms a biofilm
that coats the drain line system’s interior surfaces. Water and chemicals will only pass through the middle and bottom of a

We recommend you routinely replenish your drain line system with a fresh supply of BioOne to account for the
normal turnover rate of microbes. Recommendations will vary by application site. For recommended uses, refer to the
instructions on the bottle or on

In a standard preventative maintenance application, we recommend pouring 2 oz. of BioOne down every drain or toilet,
once per month. In applications where drain lines are draining slowly, we recommend pouring two ounces of BioOne
down the problem drain once per day for five consecutive days, or until the drain line begins to flow freely.

In larger facilities where vent stacks are being treated for preventative maintenance, we recommend applying one
gallon of BioOne per vent stack, once per month.

If used as recommended, BioOne can help provide continuous free-flowing drain lines.

BioOne works optimally in a water pH range of 5-9. Therefore, it is unnecessary to pretreat the drain line system with a
pH neutralizer before using BioOne.

In a standard application, one 2 oz. application of BioOne deploys 6 billion live bacteria. In the presence of air, food
source and water, those microbes begin to activate and multiply. The number of bacteria will double about every 20
minutes. BioOne forms a biofilm that coats the drain line system’s interior surfaces. The live bacteria degrade and
digest FOGs and other stubborn organic wastes, turning them into harmless by-products, CO2 (air) and H2O (water).
After FOG buildup clears and with routine application, the microbes continue working to keep the drain line system free

Retention time is key to BioOne’s performance, so it should be applied at a time when the drain(s) or toilet(s) will not
be in use. For residential applications, we recommend pouring it down the drain(s) or toilet(s) before bed, on your way
out the door for work, in the evening, or before leaving for vacation. For commercial applications, we recommend using
BioOne after business hours.

No, BioOne does not break down hair caught in a drain line – but it does break down the FOGs that cause hair to bind
and become lodged in a drain line. By eliminating the FOGs in a drain line, hair will successfully pass through, allowing
for a free-flowing drain line system.

BioOne can be applied to any drain or toilet in residential or commercial settings.

BioOne is recommended for restaurants because it can help prevent drain backups and eliminate offensive odors,
and rid the kitchen and bar drains of typical organic build up. Each of these hazards can have business and customerfacing
ramifications. Drain backups can cause potentially hazardous conditions from wet, slick floorings. FOG build up
in drain lines and grease traps can emit offensive odors.

None. BioOne is a ready-to-use liquid product – no mixing or waiting required. The 64 oz. bottle’s tip-and-pour tank and
measuring cup are integrated into the packaging design, making it easy to measure out each application.

The BioOne Auto-Dispensing System provides 24/7 drain protection by automatically applying BioOne at set intervals
directly into the drain line, leading into the grease trap. BioOne Auto-Dispensing Systems are ideal for the harsh
conditions of commercial kitchen environments.

Anyone can use BioOne. It is approved for household, industrial and institutional use in any outbound line in your residence or facility. This includes drainpipes, grease traps, grease interceptors, septic tanks and more.

BioOne has been used in:

Airports Janitorial services RV/trailer parks
Apartment complexes/condominiums Manufacturing plants Schools
Automotive service centers Medical labs/imaging facilities Shopping malls
Convention centers/exhibition halls Movie theaters Supermarkets
Cruise ships Nursing homes Wastewater treatment plants
Hospitals Pet groomers
Hotels Residential septic systems
Jails/prisons Restaurants